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Dare to care.

Care to lead.

Lead with courage. TM

“Stand up and look in the mirror – if you don't like what you see, ask yourself, ‘What am I going to do about it?’” — Margaret DeLillo-Storey

Through Life, Laughter & Leadership, Margaret DeLillo-Storey brings you valuable training and tools to navigate work and life with balance. She facilitates training with a variety of presentation topics to suit any audience, organization, or event, and will customize the experience to suit your needs.

It's All About Connection

When genuine connections exist that are trusted and shared, relationships can emerge in an authentic way without fear of judgment, diminished self-worth, or waves of shame due to mistakes made or perceived imperfections. Leaders can speak freely with compassion, care, and concern for those they serve. In the words of Dr. Brené Brown, we can "dare greatly" and bring excellence to fruition. Positive relationships improve climate and culture when we authentically show up to be seen for who we are, NOT what we think we need to be.


Connection is the Key 

Courageous leadership is about stepping up and stepping out to make those connections that count, because in the end, the relationship is what matters. Look at the connections that have mattered the most in our own lives -- those connections that have had a major impact on who we are today -- and ask what is the "why" in this connection? Is it because of the actions of the other individual, the beliefs of the group, the affirming glance that said, "I understand," or the smile that felt validating? True connections tell us that we are alive, we count, and we matter. That message to the soul is, “I am lovable.” 

Perspective Matters 

When Margaret speaks, she brings this perspective to your organization. She is an authentic, experienced, and down-to-earth person who shares similar struggles with you at work, home, and community. She approaches it all with common sense and enough humor to make your cares seem a little lighter!

Dr. Margaret DeLillo-Storey, Psy.D, PCC-S, CDTLF is a retired Army Officer who served in combat. She is a Counseling Practitioner, educator, public speaker, and a gifted “Storey-teller.”  Her common-sense approach infused with appropriate humor will have you questioning why you haven’t done this before.

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