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Here is what Dr. DeLillo-Storey's peers, employers, and conference attendees have to say...

Some speakers have great content. Others have great personality. Few have both. Margaret DeLillo-Storey is that rare find who not only has dynamic content and a vibrant personality, but also has an inspirational heart and soul that wraps around all that she does.  She is the total package as she inspires and motivates, leaving a lasting impact as a gift to all in attendance!


Mike Gallina    

Vice President – Organizational Development and Community Engagement


Retired Superintendent of the Minerva Local and North Canton City Schools in Stark County, Ohio

I've personally been involved in numerous trainings lead by Margaret. I always found her to be not only very knowledgeable, but also captivating in her presentations. She appeals to all ages and to educators and parents alike. She speaks from a point of vast knowledge on a broad variety of subject matter, which is enhanced by her years and scope of experience. She often includes humor, but always gives very valuable, practical, and usable information. She speaks from a place that is is very familiar to her and you quickly sense that her advice is sound and tested. She is the type of speaker who holds your attention from beginning to end and the end usually comes too soon.


Suzanne Griffiths


A+ Nursery School

Dr. Margaret DeLillo-Storey has my highest regards as a speaker, training facilitator, and educator. She’s a combination of high-level energy, an open and inquisitive presentation style, and real-life stories that engage audiences from a variety of backgrounds. Additionally, she has a great sense of humor, which allows participants to relax while discussing very serious life issues.


Margaret brings a broad level of experience and leadership as an expert, yet consistently demonstrates respect for those with whom she interacts. She has a unique ability to reach wide audiences due to her personal humility, listening skills, understanding her audience, and showing genuine care and concern for others.


Above all, Margaret is worth any investment. In the 35 years of my professional career, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous leaders across Ohio and the United States. Dr. Margaret DeLillo-Storey ranks among the very best, because she brings experience, knowledge, continual personal improvement and professional ambition that make her an outstanding person and a valuable asset to your organization.


Dr. John Richard

Deputy State Superintendent

Ohio Department of Education

Dr. “D" is one of the most sought-after speakers in Stark County. Margaret can hold an audience's attention like no one else I've seen. Her evaluations are always off the charts, and she is one of the most personable folks you'll ever meet. She's really the best!


Marty Bowe

Assistant Superintendent

Stark County ESC

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Margaret for the last 10 years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to listen, observe, participate, and benefit from the vast expertise and enthusiasm that she brings to any type of professional development venue. Margaret has the ability and skill set to create, develop, and implement meaningful strategies to help with the variety of needs that our students, staff, families, and communities face. She is one of the most engaging presenters I have seen in my professional career. Her passion for others is evident in everything that she does.


Kay Port, M.Ed.

CARE Team Director

Stark County Educational Service Center

Margaret is a master at connecting with her audience on a personal level. She uses personal stories and her life experiences to deliver an inspirational message. Her presentations are delivered with positive energy and humor that engage her audience. At Aultman we always enjoy presentations from Margaret!

Ed Roth

President and CEO

Aultman Hospital

Margaret DeLillo-Storey transcends all expectations and captivates audiences with her authentic nature and down-to-earth charm. You not only want to believe her….you DO believe her because she can laugh at herself, and her testimonials are real and relatable!


Throughout my 32 years as an educator and counselor, I’ve heard hundreds of amazing speakers on the topics of leadership, relationships, trauma, suicide, and resiliency. I can honestly say that I have had the most powerful takeaways after attending one of Margaret’s sessions because what she shares is fresh, current, based on endless experience, and truly thought-provoking.


After hearing her speak, my mind and spirit are elevated for days, as I process things I had never considered before.


When learning new things, no one wants to receive information from someone sounding like a “know it all.” While I consider Mrs. Delillo-Storey to be an expert and a master when it comes to helping others look within themselves, she is never pretentious and always oh-so-humble in her delivery. When speaking about the ways we can improve our lives and the lives of others, she reminds us that we already possess the gifts and talents inside ourselves to break free from pain and live a happy life! It feels good to be in her presence because you instinctively know that her heart and soul are invested in her craft, and in YOU. This heart-to-heart connection supports those receiving her gems of wisdom because sometimes the topics of trauma, resiliency, and self-growth can ignite our own emotions, triggering feelings that may have been buried.


Margaret is gentle and supportive as audiences tap into sensitive stories within, never exposing their vulnerability. It’s easier to receive what is shared when there are no hints of judgment, and Margaret talks with others, not at them.


Rather than just listening to content on trauma, Margaret gradually guides participants “into themselves” so that Ah-ha moments can occur. Teachers and counselors may be asked to attend her sessions to learn about their students, but as they learn about how the topic relates to them personally, they are hooked.


As the guards go down, the belly laughs go up! It’s fun to be part of her audience, and life is too short to not be in her delightful presence while becoming a better you and feeling enlightened!


Margaret Delillo-Story will walk alongside you while powerful connections are made, and you are guaranteed to leave inspired and uplifted because she has a magical gift like no other.


Theresa Barbato M Ed, LPSC

Dueber Elementary

Margaret's knowledge and expertise on mental health issues affecting the at-large community helped add value and meaning to the Leadership Stark County Human Service Day. Her passion and commitment to those experiencing mental health issues was evident with the students, veterans and community groups she serves.  


Stephanie Snow Werren

Director, Leadership Stark County

After supervising Dr. DeLillo-Storey for over 14 years, I have absolutely no reservations about recommending her as a presenter and trainer. She always presented with confidence and commanding demeanor while engaging participants with her energetic interactive style. She is comfortable in front of 300 people or 30. Her evaluations were consistently in the excellent range in all areas-knowledge of subject matter, encouraging, listening to and responding appropriately to questions, clarity and organization, and meeting continuing education goals and objectives. She is simply an excellent presenter/trainer"


William Steele, MA, LCSW, PsyD

Founder of The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (TLC)

I recall one presentation in particular where I asked Margaret to come to Oregon to present at our hospital on the topic of leadership, for all staff. 


I was so proud of her and grateful she delivered on her promise to be great. People actually stood up and clapped for her.  


She is well prepared, knowledgeable, well spoken, professional, and engages with her audience. She has such a wealth of knowledge, and she can draw from many professional experiences to answer almost any topic that is asked of her.  She is an amazing person! 


Dorothy Sandoval

Director of Pastoral Services

Providence Hospital Health System

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