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"In my work, I use laughter to engage with others..."


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Career Highlights

  • Clinical Therapist Supervisor

  • Certified Trauma Resiliency Trainer/Consultant

  • Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator

  • Trainer/Coach

  • Public/Motivational Speaker

  • Retired Combat Army Officer


Margaret has over 20 years of experience in the fields of leadership and counseling, and her compassion to others shines through in her training sessions, igniting individuals to excel, find their passion, be brave, and not be ashamed of who they are. She believes that everyone is a leader in their own right and has the ability to display courage, make a change, and rise strong when they so desire. Margaret has facilitated over 200 events in a variety of settings, sharing her expertise on topics like parenting, trauma, resiliency, leadership, team building, self-discovery, and women’s issues.

Margaret DeLillo-Storey, Psy.D.


Life, Laughter & Leadership


Coach, Therapist, Wife, Mom, and Hard-Core Italian Woman

Margaret is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator who will bring the Dare to Lead™ curriculum to life utilizing the practical applications from your own experiences to strengthen your inherent leadership skills and further impact yourself, your workplace, your community, and those around you.



I have spent years researching shame and guilt in trauma survivors and the courage it took for them to share their stories. I was particularly interested in the resiliency, courage, and tenacity of our women leaders who have endured hardships in the military: The atrocities of combat, sexual trauma, and a host of other situations that make women vulnerable, yet force them to be more guarded as leaders, in comparison with our male counterparts. In particular, there were available resources that allowed some of us, in the words of Brené Brown, PhD, to “Rise Strong” and become daring leaders, while others would move forward, in their guarded state, and be perceived as “less than." 

I first encountered the works of Brené Brown when I read the book, I Thought It Was Just Me. I was hooked on the message it brought. I was living that message and I knew that this is what was needed. I soon applied the Brené lens to all of my work and began modeling it in that fashion. In these daring survivors who became phenomenal leaders themselves, I found that one common element was their ability to laugh. Humor is healing, and our circumstances tell a story, but they do not have to be the story. In my work, I use laughter to engage with others, as it feeds my soul and in many circumstances is a tool for connectedness. I laugh at myself more than anything else in this world and that’s okay. 

—  Margaret DeLillo-Storey, Psy.D, PCC-S, CDTLF 



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